Lenovo L16C2PB2 L16L2PB1 L16L2PB2 L16L2PB3 30Wh Battery

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Battery rating: 7.4V
Battery capacity: 4050mAh (30Wh)
Battery cells: 4-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery color: black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.

Compatible mainbody Numbers:

2ICP6/55/90, 5B10M86148, 5B10M86149, 5B10M88058, 5B10M91442, 5B10Q56955, 5B10V25259, 5B10W67165, 5B10W67363, L16C2PB2, L16L2PB1, L16L2PB2, L16L2PB3, L16M2PB1, L16M2PB2, L16M2PB3, L16S2PB2, L17L2PF1, L17M2PB7, SB10W67324, SB10W67378

Lenovo Fit Machine Model:

ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE01N7AX, IdeaPad 3 15ITL05 81X8004KPE, IdeaPad 3 15IGL05 81WQ00GGCK, V14 IIL 82C400SEPG, V14 IIL 82C40137MJ, V14 ARE 82DQ005WVN, V14 IWL 81YB009DFG, V14 ADA 82C60078ID, V14 ADA 82C600FSMB, V14 IKB 81YA000LIX, V14 IIL 82C401BHPE, IdeaPad 3-14IIL05 81WD00L4PH, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE00NCAD, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W100TGFR, IdeaPad 3-15ARE05 81W40019US, V14 IWL 81YB0024ID, V14 ADA 82C6004EIH, V14 ADA 82C600B9MJ, V14 IGL 82C2001ESA, V14 IIL 82C401G7SP, IdeaPad 3-14IIL05 81WD004UTW, IdeaPad 3-14IIL05 81WD00WBPB, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W100L0CL, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W1014FMB, IdeaPad 3-15ARE05 81W400BUSB, IdeaPad 3-15IML05 81WB002XAD, V14 ADA 82C600E9AD, V14 IKB 81YA0009TX, V14 IIL 82C401M2FG, IdeaPad 3-14IIL05 81WD00EXJP, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W1007HBM, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W100NLRK, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W101EDSP, IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE001TMX, IdeaPad 3-15IML05 81WB00D5KR, IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE00FLMB, IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE018LRK, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DC011EIN, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE00UEIV, IdeaPad 3-14IIL05 81WD00RAID, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W100F0PG, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W100YJRE, IdeaPad 3-15ARE05 81W4006SRE, IdeaPad 3 15ITL05 81X800ARPH, IdeaPad 3-15IML05 81WB00PCRA, IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE00S8PH, IdeaPad 3-14ARE05 81W30022ID, IdeaPad 3-14ADA05 81W000F5AX, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE01RVLM, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE02A1RU, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE001LJP, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DC00HFAD, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DC008URU, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE02T8FG, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W1002FFR, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE00UWAK, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W1019KRU, IdeaPad 3-15IGL05 81WQ0036RK, IdeaPad 3-15IML05 81WB0088TA, IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE00APIV, IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE013NFG, ideapad 3-14IGL05 81WH001LED, IdeaPad S145-14IWL 81MU0003HH, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE023BHV, IdeaPad 3 15ITL05 81X800K1RU, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE00B1IV, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DC00S4JP, ideapad 130-14IKB 81H60034ID, V320-17IKB 81AH0005, V14 IIL 82C400WHID, V14 IIL 82C4016ULT, IdeaPad 3-15ARE05 81W4001LFR, IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE0073RA, IdeaPad 3-15IML05 81WB00J7AX, IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE00M4RE, IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE01DRSC, IdeaPad 3-14ADA05 81W000A6ID, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE01FQRA, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE02N3FE, IdeaPad 3 15IIL05 81WE01QJIN, ideapad 130-15IKB 81H7006VAU, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DC016JIV, V15-IIL(82C5001FGE), ideapad 330-15IKB 81DC00DPIN, V14 IIL 82C400A8HV, V14 IIL 82C4011WFG, V14 IIL 82C401AWIV, V14 IWL 81YB005HIW, V14 ADA 82C6006DAT, IdeaPad S145-14API(81UV002Q), IdeaPad 3-15IML05 81WB00UGIV, IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE00XMMZ, IdeaPad 3-14ARE05 81W30076PH, IdeaPad 3-14ADA05 81W000L7GJ, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE01X5PG, IdeaPad 3 15ITL05 81X800BLRK, IdeaPad 3 15IGL05 81WQ00MTHH, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE00TEVN, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DC00XJRA, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE00EHSB, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DC004NFR, V14 IIL 82C400URKG, V14 IIL 82C4015FIH, V14 IWL 81YB0006SA, V14 ADA 82C60006MZ, V14 ADA 82C6008YIX, V14 ADA 82C600HQFG, IdeaPad 320-15ISK, IdeaPad 3-14ADA05 81W0004JSB, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE01A9RU, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE02EQMX, IdeaPad 3 15IIL05 81WE01KPMB, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DC00LVRM, Ideapad 320-15IKB(81BG00NVMH), V14 IIL 82C40019SA, V14 IIL 82C400XPUK, V14 IIL 82C40196DS, V14 IWL 81YB003TIX, V14 ADA 82C6005FPE, V14 ADA 82C600DCFG, V14 IGL 82C2001VIW, V14 IIL 82C401JDMH, IdeaPad 3-14IIL05 81WD00A9MH, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE01NMIV, IdeaPad 3 15ITL05 81X8005RSA, IdeaPad 3 15IGL05 81WQ00GYFG, V14 IIL 82C400SFED, V14 IIL 82C4013EFR, V14 ARE 82DQA00ETA, V14 IWL 81YB009DPK, V14 ADA 82C60087IN, V14 ADA 82C600FTIH, V14 IKB 81YA000LUK, V14 IIL 82C401BKAX, IdeaPad 3-14IIL05 81WD00LLTA, ideapad 330-15IKB 81DE00MUAD, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W100TYFG, V14 IIL 82C4016UPG, V14 IWL 81YB002KDT, V14 ADA 82C6004WIH, V14 ADA 82C600BSIH, V14 IGL 82C2001FIU, V14 IIL 82C401GQID, IdeaPad 3-14IIL05 81WD005EGJ, IdeaPad 3-14IIL05 81WD00WTID, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W100LGSC, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W1014XMX, IdeaPad 3-15ARE05 81W400C4SA, IdeaPad 3-15IML05 81WB003FRK, V14 ADA 82C6006DFG, V14 ADA 82C600EACY, V14 IKB 81YA000BCK, V14 IIL 82C401M2PK, IdeaPad 3-14IIL05 81WD00FFTX, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W10080IX, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W100P3CK, IdeaPad 3-15ADA05 81W101EVGM, IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE002DIX, IdeaPad 3-15IML05 81WB00DMSC, IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE00G3MH, IdeaPad 3-15IIL05 81WE0193SA, V14 IIL 82C401CDCY

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