BTY-M6H Battery for MSI GV62 8RC, GP63 8RE-041XES, GP62 6QF-1204AU GP62

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Battery rating: 10.86V
Battery capacity:  51Wh
Battery cells: 6-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
Battery color: BLACK
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.

Compatible mainbody Numbers:

BTY-M6H, MS-16J1, MS-16J2

MSI Fit Machine Model:

GE63VR 7RF-252XES, GL62M 7RC-200XIN, GP63 8RE-223, GL73 8RC-025XFR, GP72M 7RDX-1096XTH, GE62VR 6RF-010CN, GE75 RAIDER 9SF-639CN, GF72VR 7RF-673CN, PE62 7RE-2024XIN, GV62 7RE-2443XVN, GL62M 7RD-223CN, GV72 7RE, GE72-2QFi7W16SR21BW, GV72 8RD-033FR, GF72 8RD-081XES, GE73VR 7RF-286, GE62 7RE-088, GP62 7RE-431XES, GV62 8RC-240PH, CX62 7QL-071XIN, GE72-7RE-046, GV72 8RC-032FR, GE73 Raider RGB 8RE-097RU, GL72M 7REX-1423, GE72 2QD-035XPL, GP62M 7REX-2621MY, GP62 7REX-1059TW, GL72M 7RDX-684CN, GE72VR APACHE PRO-416, GE63 RAIDER RGB 8SF-090UK, GV62 8RC, GP63 8RE-041XES, GP62 6QF-1204AU, GP62-2QEA8H11, PE70 6QE-453NL, GE73 RAIDER RGB-012, CX72 7QL-008FR, GL73 8RE-632CN, GE75 RAIDER 8SG-070ID, GP73 8RE-080CA, GP62M 7RDX-1440TW, GP62MVR-7RF Serie, GP72 6QF-284CA, GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-084XTR, GF62 8RD-010XES, GP65 Leopard 10SFK-047, GE73 7RD, GE75 RAIDER 8RE-062XPL, GP72VR-7RF-269, GP72-6QE8H11, GL72 6QE-497TW, GE73VR 7RF-204X, GL72 7QF-1008UK, GE62-6QCA8H11, PL62 7RC-029, GE72 6QE Apache Pro, GL62 7QF-1670UK, PE60 6QD-085TW, GE72 6QD APACHE PRO 003-HID1 17.3 INCH, GE62-6QF81FD, WE62 7RI-1891XES, GL72M 7RDX-886XFR, GE63 7RD-006, GE63 Raider RGB 8SE-235RU, GL62M 7REX-2202XES, GE62 2QD-007XCN, PE70 7RD-644XES, GE63 7RD RAIDER, WE63 8SJ-602ZA, GL62 6QE-1428SG, Alpha 15 A3DDK-002XPT, GL72 6QF XOTIC PC EDITION, GP72 7RE, GE62 6QF-203XCN, GE75 Raider 8SF, GL62M 7REX-2273CH, GE63 8SG, GL72MVR, GP72VR 7RF-415IT, GE72 6QF-073XCN, GE75 RAIDER 8SF-212ZA, GE63VR 7RF-086, WE72 7RJ-1038TW, GL62VR 7RFX-888TW, GP72M 7REX-1245NL Leopard Pro, GL73 8RC-268ZA, GP72M 7REX-1091TW, GP62 6QG-1281CN, GV72 7RE-1471TW, GE72 6QF81FD, GV72 8RD-005TW, GF72 8RE-062XES, GE73VR 7RE-203XES, GL63 8RE-416CN, GP62 7QF-1692, GV62 8RE-073TW, GL62M 7RE-406, GV72 8RE-0179E, GE72-6QD8H21, GV72 8RC-063ES, GE73 Raider RGB 8RE-061, GE62VR-6RF16H11, GP62M 7RD LEOPARD-7RD-076DE, GV62 8RD-101TW, CX72 6QD-231XES, GE72MVR APACHE PRO-044, CX62 6QD-258TW, GE63 RAIDER RGB 8SF-035PT, GV62 7RE-1457CN, GP62VR 7RF-453XES, GP62 7RD-090DE, GL62-6QFi781H11, GP75 Leopard 9SD, GE72VR-7RE APACHE PRO, CX72 7QL-054TW, GE63 RAIDER RGB 8SF-258TR, GP63 8RF-486CN, GP72 7RDX-488XRU LEOPARD, GP62 2QE-017TW, GP62-7RD, PE70 2QE-091TW, GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-042, GF62 8RE-062TW, Alpha 15 A3DDK, GE73 8RE-216, GP72-6QD-231XTR, GP62MVR 7RFX-649TW, GP72 7RD, GP72 2QE-027US, GE73VR RAIDER-045, GP75 9SD-437, GP62MVR 6RF-247XES, GE62-2QEUi716H21BW, GL63 8RD-691CN, GE73 8RF Raider RGB, GL72 6QF-800FR, GL62 6QF-1277, PE60 7RD-442UK, GE75 Raider 8SG-025CN, WE62 7RJ-2006XES, GL72 7RDX-446FR, GP72MVR 7RFX-621CN, GE63 Raider RGB 8SE-083AU, GL62M 7RD-204NL, PE60 2QE-044XCN, MS-1793, GL72VR 7RFX-658DE, GE63VR 7RE-036, GL75 9SE, GL63 8RD-086, PE60 6QE-491XCN, GE62 6QF-013XCN, MS-17C6, GE63VR 7RE RAIDER-036, WE63 8SI-261TH, GL62MVR 7RFX-1217CN, GE62 6QD-237XCN, GE75 RAIDER 8SF-005NL, GE63VR RAIDER 4K-212, WE72 7RJ-1067RU, GL62M 7RC-0851M, GL63 8RD-067, GL73 8RC-042CA, GP72M 7RDX-1022XRU, GE62 6QC-867XCN, GE75 RAIDER 9SG-638CN, GV72 7RD-1401RU, GP62MVR 7RFX-1227XES, GL62 7RDX-1260, GV62 7RC-225UK, GV72 8RE-007, GE72-6QC, GV72 8RD-023DE, GF72 8RD-079TW, GF72 7RE, GP62 7REX LEOPARD PRO, CX62 7QL-014PH, GE72 APACHE PRO-003, CX62 2QD-292UK, GE73 7RD-027XPL, GV62 7RE, GP62MVR 7RF-400DE LEOPARD PRO, GP62 7REX-818FR, GP75 9SD, GE72VR APACHE PRO-852, CX62 6QD-201XAU, GV62 8RC-035, GP63 8RE-299, GP62 6QF-1239FR, GP62-2QEi585FD, PE70 6QE-055XUS, GE73VR 7RE RAIDER, GE63 Raider RGB 8SG-076FR, GE73 8RF-009, GE75 RAIDER 8SG-206RU, GP73 LEOPARD 8RE, GP62M 7RDX-1484XFR, GP62VR-7RF, GP72 6QF-626UK, GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-099IT, GF62 8RD-265, GP65 Leopard 10SEK-048, GE73 7RD-030, PE72 8RC, GP73 8RD-009, GP72VR-6RFAC16H21, GL72 6QE-1025TR, GL62 6QC-037UK, GE62-6QD16H11, PL62 7RC-001, GE72 6QD Apache Pro, GL62 7QF-1673UK, GE72 6QD-033UK, GE62 2QD APACHE PRO, WE62 7RI-2007XES, GL72M 7RDX-1208CA, GE63 8RE, GE63 Raider RGB 8SE-005NL, GL62MVR 7RFX-1046XES, GE62 2QE-216XCN, PE70-6QD-064XRU, GE63 RAIDER RGB, WE63 8SJ-629UK, GL62 6QE-638IT, GP62MVRX, Alpha 15 A3DDK-001XES, GL72 7QF-1007UK, GP72 7RE-296TW, GL62M 7REX-2439, GE63 9SF-621, GP72VR 7RFX-467TW, GE75 RAIDER 8SF-229TR, GE72 2QC-271XPL, WE72 7RJ-1041AU, GL62VR 7RFX-858AU, GP72M 7RDX-891, GL73 8RD-019XES, GP72M 7REX-1046XTH, GV72 7RE-1628RU, GE72 6QFi745FD, GV72 8RD-012DE, GF72 8RE-065PT, GE73VR 7RE-043DE, GE62 2QC-232NL, GP62 7RD LEOPARD, GV62 8RC-202TW, GL62M 7RE-623, GV72 8RE-049FR, GE72-6QE81, GV72 8RC-045XPL, GE73 Raider RGB 8RE-036TW, GL72M 7RDX-1422

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