C31N1411 Battery for Asus Zenbook UX305FA-FB003T U305F U305L UX305

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Battery rating: 11.4V
Battery capacity: 3900mAh (45Wh)
Battery cells: 3-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
Battery color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty

Compatible mainbody Numbers:

0B200-01180000, C31N1411

Asus Fit Machine Model:

Zenbook UX305CA-DHM4T, UX305FA-2A, Zenbook UX305FA-FC008H, ZenBook UX305CA-FC187T, Zenbook UX305CA-UHM1, Zenbook UX305CA-FC074R, Zenbook UX305FA-FB142H, ZenBook UX305CA-FB070T, ZenBook UX305CA M-6Y30, Zenbook UX305FA-FB003H, Zenbook UX305CA-FB031T, Zenbook UX305FA-FB006H, Zenbook UX305FA-FC158T, Zenbook UX305CA-DQ105T, Zenbook UX305CA-FC167T, Zenbook UX305FA-FB191H, ZenBook UX305CA-FB219T, ZenBook U305FA-5Y10, Zenbook UX305CA (M-6Y30), Zenbook UX305CA-FB073T, Zenbook UX305FA-FB012H, Zenbook UX305CA-DQ060T, UX305CA-2A, Zenbook UX305FA-FC002H, ZenBook UX305CA-FC094T, ZenBook U305CA-6Y54, Zenbook UX305FA-FB126H, Zenbook UX305FA-FC284T, ZenBook UX305FA-FC005T, Zenbook UX305CA-DQ150T, UX305CA-3C, Zenbook UX305FA-FC004T, ZenBook UX305CA-FC157T, ZenBook U305CA-6Y30, Zenbook U305CA6Y54, Zenbook UX305FA-FB128T, ZenBook UX305CA-FB052T, ZenBook UX305CA M3-6Y30, Zenbook UX305CA-EHM1, Zenbook UX305FA-FB003T, Zenbook UX305FA-FC014H, ZenBook UX305CA-FC208T, Zenbook UX305CA-UHM4, Zenbook UX305CA-FC093T, Zenbook UX305FA-FB186H, ZenBook UX305CA-FB126T, ZenBook UX305CA-SHMQ1-CB, Zenbook UX305CA-FB055T, Zenbook UX305FA-FB006T, Zenbook UX305FA-FC159T, Zenbook UX305CA-DQ096T, Zenbook UX305FA-FB192T, ZenBook UX305CA-FC026T, ZenBook U305FA-5Y71, Zenbook UX305FA-FB033H, Zenbook UX305FA-FC225T, ZenBook UX305FA-2A, Zenbook UX305CA-DQ092R, UX305CA-2C, Zenbook UX305FA-FC004H, ZenBook UX305CA-FC106T, ZenBook U305UA-6200, Zenbook UX305CA-FC037T, Zenbook UX305FA-FB128H, ZenBook UX305CA-FB006T, ZenBook UX305FA-FC066P, ZenBook UX305FA-1A, ZenBook UX305FA-1C, UX305FA-1A, Zenbook UX305CA-FC022T, UX305FA-1C, Zenbook UX305CA-FC042T, ZenBook UX305FA-1B, Zenbook UX305CA-FC004T, UX305FA-1B, UX305CA-1C, U305F 13.3 inch, UX305CA-1B, UX305CA-1A, Zenbook U305UA6200, U305CA6Y30, Zenbook UX305FA-FC190H, U305FA5Y10, ZENBOOK U305FA5Y71, U305L, U305FA5Y71, Zenbook U305UA, ZENBOOK U305FA, Zenbook UX305FA, UX305FA, Zenbook UX305CA, UX305CA, Zenbook UX305

Related Model:

0B200-03660200, B31N1535

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