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B31N1707 B31N1707-1 Battery for Asus VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB832T X411UA-1B 42Wh

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Battery rating: 11.52V
Battery capacity: 3653mAh (42Wh)
Battery cells: 2-cell
Type: rechargeable original battery
Battery color: black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.

Compatible mainbody Numbers:

0B200-02710000, 0B200-02710100, 0B200-02710200, 3ICP5/57/81, B31N1707, B31N1707-1

Asus Fit Machine Model:

S410UA-EB547T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB283T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UN-EB158T, S410UA-EB045R, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB232, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UN-EB075T, X411UA-BV332T, VivoBook 17 X705MA-BX163, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB032T, X411UA-BV582, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB723T, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB093t, X411UF-EB107T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB222T, X411UN-EB184T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB108T, VivoBook X411UF, X411UF-1A, VivoBook 14 X411UA-BV360T, Vivobook S14 S410UF-EB004T, X411UQ-3F, VivoBook 14 X411UF-EB108T, K410UA-EB364T, S410UA-EB093T, VivoBook 14 X411UN-EB163, X411QA-EK026T, S410UA-EB265T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB063T, S401UA-EB425T, S401UF, S410UA-EB724T, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB053T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UN-EB210T, S410UA-BV042, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB198, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UQ-BV081T, X411UA-BV207T, VivoBook 14 X411UQ-EB091, F411QR, X411UA-BV527, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB1056T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB720T, X411UN-BV118T, VivoBook S14 S410UN-0031A8250U, VivoBook S14 S410UA-BV042, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB832T, X411UA-1B, VivoBook S14 S410UA-BV125T, VivoBook S14 S410UF-BV104T, X411UN-3C, VivoBook 14 X411UF-BV042T, K410UA, R422UF, VivoBook 14 X411UF-EB118T, P1410UA-BV469R, S410UA-EB145T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-BV215R, S401QA, S410UA-EB324T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB145T, S401UA-BV810T, S410UA-EB630T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB325T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UN-EB116T, S410UA-BV134T, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB242T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UQ-NH74, X411UA-EB680T, VivoBook 17 X705MA-GC003, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB549T, X411UA-BV586T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-0281B8250U, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB630T, X411UF-EB108T, VivoBook S14 S410UN-58CM5CB1, X411UN-EB218, VivoBook S14 S410UA-BV050T, VivoBook X411UF-EB250T, X411UF-3B, VivoBook 14 X411UA-EB694R, VivoBook S14 S410UF-BV035T, VivoBook 14 X411UF-EB250T, K410UF-V400, S410UA-EB031T, VivoBook 14 X411UN-EB196T, R422QA-EB028T, S410UA-EB218T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB077T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UN-NS74, S410UA-EB962T, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB087T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UN-EB143T, S410UA-BV365, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB041T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UQ-EB060T, X411UA-BV258T, ZenBook X411UQ, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB003t, X411UA-BV933, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB724T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-BV1101T, X411UN-EB162T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB121T, VivoBook X411UA-BV221T, X411UA-3C, VivoBook 14 X411UA-GA070, VivoBook S14 S410UF-EB023T, VivoBook 14 X411UF-BV149T, K410UA-EB151R, VIVOBOOK S410UA, VivoBook 14 X411UN-EB111T, X411QA, S410UA-EB127T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB003T, S401QA-EB976T, S410UA-EB408T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB179, S401UA-EB358T, S410UA-EB606T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB450T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UN-BV274T, S410UA-BV452T, VivoBook 14 X411QA-EK202T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UQ-EB047T, X411UA-EB920T, VivoBook 17 X705MA-BX171T, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB002T, X411UA-EB243, VivoBook S14 S410UA-0191B8130U, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB969R, X411UF-EB285T, VivoBook S14 S410UN-0161A8550U, X411UN-EB161, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB229T, X411UF-BV070T, VivoBook 14 X411UA-EB808T, VivoBook S14 S410UF-EB076T, VivoBook 14 X411UF-EB069, K410UQ, S410UA-EB017T, VivoBook 14 X411UN-EB218T, F411QA-EK010T, S410UA-EB264T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB092T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB220T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UN-EB292T, S410UA-EB045, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB136T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UN-EB121T, S410UA-0191B8130U, Vivobook S14 S410UN-EB054T, VivoBook 14 X411QR, X411UA-EB694R, VivoBook S410UN, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB109t, X411UF-EB092T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB044, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB178T, X411UN-EB195T, ZenBook F411UA, VivoBook X411UA-EB250T, X411UA-BV221T, VivoBook 14 X411UA-EB1126R, VivoBook S14 S410UF-EB129T, X411UQ-1B, VivoBook 14 X411UF-EB092T, K410UA-EB785T, S410UA-AS51, VivoBook 14 X411UN-EB161, X411QA-BV042T, S410UA-EB132T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB029T, S401UA, S410UA-EB456T, S401UA-EB947T, S410UA-EB633T, vivobook s14 s410ua-eb633t, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UN-EB085T, S410UA-BV217R, VivoBook 14 X411QA-EK026T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UQ-EB072T, X411UA-BV149T, VivoBook 17 X705MA-GC079T, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB078T, X411UA-BV644, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB409T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-AS8102E, X411UF-BV164T, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB155T, X411UQ-EB091, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB109T, S410U, X411UN-1A, VIVOBOOK 14 X411UA-BV643T, VivoBook S14 S410UF-EB078T, S4200UF8250, VivoBook 14 X411UF-EB065, P1410UA, S410UA-EB113T, VivoBook F411UF-EB118T, A411QA-BV202T, S410UA-EB325T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB113T, S410UA-EB590T, VivoBook S14 S410UA-EB265T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UN-EB192T, S410UA-EB179, VivoBook S14 S410UN-EB157T, VIVOBOOK S14 S410UN-EB952T

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