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48Wh B31N1535 Battery for Asus ZenBook UX3410UA UX410UA UX310UA

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Battery rating: 11.4V
Battery capacity: 4110mAh (48Wh)
Battery cells: 3-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
Battery color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.

Compatible mainbody Numbers:

0B200-02020000, 3ICP7/60/80, B31N1535

Asus Fit Machine Model:

Zenbook UX410UA-GV445T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC044T, Zenbook UX410UQ-GV110T, Zenbook UX410UQ-GV091T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC212T, ZenBook UX3410UQ-GV173T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC598T, Zenbook UX410UQ-GV159T, UX310UA-FC106R, Zenbook UX310UA-FC892T, Zenbook ux410ua-0331c8250u, Zenbook UX310UA-FB404T, Zenbook UX310UA-GL007T, Zenbook UX310UQ-FB047R, Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV134T, ZenBook UX310UF-FC035R, Zenbook UX310UQ-FC146T, ZenBook UX310UQ-GL103T, UX410UF-1A, Zenbook UX310UQ-FC531T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV474T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV096T, UX310UQ-FC366T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV350T, ZenBook UX310UA-FC851T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV410T, Zenbook UX410UQ-GV037T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC1022T, ZenBook UX3410UQ-GV130T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC487T, ZENBOOK UX3410UA-GV140T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC784T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV095T, UX310UQ-1A, Zenbook UX310UA-FB1106T, ZenBook ux310uq-gl389r, Zenbook UX310UA-FC348T, Zenbook UX310UA-FB858T, ZenBook UX3410UA-GV377T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV149T, Zenbook UX310UQ-FB522T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV154T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC694T, Zenbook UX310UQ-FC380T, ZENBOOK UX310UQ-GL031T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV133T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV035T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV640T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV298T, ZenBook UX310UA-FC1044T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV546T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC059T, Zenbook UX410UQ-0051A, Zenbook UX410UQ-GV073T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC239T, Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV174T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC620T, Zenbook UX410UQ-GV088T, UX310UA-FC153T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC946T, Zenbook UX310UQ-FC301T, Zenbook UX310UA-FB406T, Zenbook UX310UA-GL160R, Zenbook UX310UQ-FB268T, Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV215T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC138T, Zenbook UX310UQ-FC281T, ZenBook UX310UQ-GL129T, UX410UA-3A, Zenbook UX310UQ-FC5552T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV578T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV183T, UX310UQ-FC397T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV354T, ZenBook UX310UA-FC975T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV422T, ZenBook UX410UQ-GV034T, Zenbook UX410UQ-GV059T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC1025T, ZenBook UX3410UQ-GV135T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC550T, ZENBOOK UX3410UA-GV380T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC856T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV096T-240, Zenbook UX310UA-FB1107, ZenBook ux310uq-gl243t, Zenbook UX310UA-FC137T, Zenbook UX310UA-FB889T, Zenbook UX3410UF-GV086T, ZenBook UX310UF, Zenbook UX310UQ-FB548T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV225T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC756T, Zenbook UX310UQ-FC434T, ZENBOOK UX3410UF-GV080T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV139T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV028T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV646T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV230T, ZenBook UX310UA-FC275T, UX410UF-3A, Zenbook UX410UA-GV596T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC081T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV081T, Zenbook UX410UQ-GV109T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC322T, Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV171T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC631T, Zenbook UX310UQ-FB522R, UX310UA-GL011T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC971T, ZenBook ux310uq-gl477t, Zenbook UX310UA-FC089T, Zenbook UX310UA-FB581R, Zenbook UX310UA-GL436T, Zenbook UX3410UA, Zenbook UX310UQ-FB418T, Zenbook UX3410UF, Zenbook UX310UA-FC337T, Zenbook UX310UQ-FC304T, ZenBook UX310UQ-GL197T, UX410UA-1A, Zenbook UX310UQ-FC586T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV628T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV155T, UX310UQ-GL015T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV398T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV479T, UX310UF, Zenbook UX410UQ-GV074T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC1043T, ZenBook UX3410UQ-GV999T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC577T, ZENBOOK UX3410UA-GV462T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC864T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV547T, UX410UQ-1C, Zenbook UX310UA-FB230R, Zenbook UX310UA-FC676T, ZenBook UX310UA-FC062T, Zenbook UX310UA-FB894R, Zenbook UX3410UF-GV168T, ZenBook UX310UF-FC005T, Zenbook UX310UQ-FB550T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV304T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC850T, Zenbook UX310UQ-FC462T, ZENBOOK UX3410UF-GV181T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV441T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV069T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV224T, ZenBook UX310UA-FC343T, UX410UQ-3A, Zenbook UX410UA-GV517T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC1007T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV424T, Zenbook UX410UQ-GV183T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC332T, ZenBook UX3410UQ-GV172T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC676, Zenbook UX310UQ-FB351R, UX310UA-GL151T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC998R, ZenBook ux310uq-gl401t, Zenbook UX310UA-FC347T, Zenbook UX310UA-FB846T, Zenbook UX310UA-GL547T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV078T, Zenbook UX310UQ-FB442T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV031T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC341T, Zenbook UX310UQ-FC344T, ZenBook UX310UQ-GL332T, UX3410UA, Zenbook UX410UA-AX8211T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV633T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV109T, UX310UQ-GL048T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV367T, Zenbook UX410UA-GV423T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC042T, Zenbook UX410UQ-GV185T, Zenbook UX410UQ-GV066T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC211T, ZenBook UX3410UQ-GV077T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC593T, ZENBOOK UX3410UA-GV642T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC891T, Zenbook ux410ua-0321a8250u, Zenbook UX310UA-FB485T, Zenbook UX310UA-FCR45T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC255T

Related Model:

0B200-03660200, C31N1411

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