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    Fujitsu FMVNBP227A FMVNBP228 FMVNBP229A FMVNBP231 Battery

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    Battery rating: 10.8V Battery capacity: 4500mAh (49Wh) Battery cells: 6-cell Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery Battery color: Black Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty. Compatible mainbody Numbers: BPS229, BPS231, FMVNBP227, FMVNBP227A, FMVNBP228, FMVNBP229A, FMVNBP231, FMVNBP234, FMVNBP235, FPB0297S, FPB0300S, FPBO300S, FPBO311S, FPCBP404, FPCBP404AP, FPCBP405, FPCBP405Z, FPCBP416, FPCBP426, FPCBP426AP, FPCBP429, FPCBP429AP, FPCBP434,…

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