Replacement Asus A31-K56 A32-K56 A41-K56 A42-K56 A56C E46C E56C K46C Battery

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Battery rating: 15V
Battery capacity: 2950mAh (44Wh)
Battery cells: 4-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
Battery color: BLACK
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.

Compatible mainbody Numbers:

0B110-00180000, 0B110-00180100, 0B110-00180200, 0B110-00210000, A31-K56, A32-K56, A41-K56, A42-K56, K56LM9C

Asus Fit Machine Model:

A56CM-XX075H, K56CA-XX009H, A46E2365CM-SL, K56CB-XX102H, R505CM, K56CA-1A, S56X3317CB-SL, K56CA-XX139D, S550XI3517CB-SL, K56CM-XX054D, S46CA-DH31-CA, P46CM, S46CA-WX044R, S56CM-XX018V, S56CM-XX035H, S56CM Series, K56CA-XX044H, S550X3517CM-SL, K56CB-XX123H, K56CB-XO092H, S56CM-XX08, S56CM-XO263H, K56CA-XO102D, A56XI3317CM-SL, K56CA-XX187H, A46E3317CB-SL, K56CM-XX056D, S56CM-DH51-CA, P56CB-XO184G, S46CM-WX023V, S56CM-XX034X, K56CA-XX058D, S550CA-CJ36, K46CM-WX090V, S56CA-XX011H, K56CA-XO191P, K46EI3317CM-SL, K56CB-1B, S46E3317CB-SL, K56CM-XX131H, BATTK56, S56CM-XX028H, S46CM-WX049D, S56CM-XX046R, s550cm-cjo28h, K56CM Series, S46CM-WX050H, K56CA-XX062D, S46E3317CM-SL, K56CM-XO213H, R405CM, K46CM-WX025V, S46CA-WX017R, S56CA-XX056R, k56cm-xo282d, K56CA-XX008H, A46EI3317CM-SL, K56CB-XX101H, K56CM-XX293H, S46CM-WX124H, S56CM-XX070D, A56CM-XX074H, S56X3317CM-SL, K56CA-XX108D, P56CB, K56CM-XX039H, S46CB-WX058H, S40CB, P46CB, K46CM-WX007, S46CA-WX021R, S56CM-XX017V, s56cm-XX0, K56CA-XX009P, S550X3317CM-SL, K56CB-XX122H, S56CM-XX035X, S46CB-WX119H, S56CA-XX015D, S56CM-XX079V, V550CB-CJ113H, K56CA-XO099D, S56X3217CA-SL, K56CA-XX166H, K46E3317CM, K56CM-XX054H, S56CA-BH51-CB, P46V, K46CM-WX003D, S56CM-XX032D, S46CM-V2G, S56CM-XX079H, K56CA-XX050H, K56CB-XX306H, A56CB-XX174H, S405CB, S56CA-XX011V, S56CM-XX140, S56CB-XX372H, K56CA-XO125H, A56XI3317CM, K56CB-1A, S46E3217CM, K56CM-XX128H, V550CB-SH51T-CB, S56CB-XX173H, S46CM-WX046V, S56CM-XX035V, s550ch-cj124h, S56CB-XX009H, K56CA-XX059D, K56CM-1A, A56CM-XX269H, K46CM-WX047V, K56CM-XX003H, K56CA-XO198H, K46EI2365CM, K56CB-XO129H, K56CM-XX164H, K46EI3317CM-SM, R550C, S46CM-WX053R, S56CM-XX069D, s56cb-x0164H, S550CB-CJ193H, K56CA-XX096H, Pro P56CB-XO193G, K56CM-XX008H, S505CM-XX188HS, P46CA, K46CM-1AWX, S46CA-WX017H, S56CM-XX3317S, K56CB-X0135H, K46CM-WX004D, S56CM-XX047H, S550CB-CJ182H, S550CB-CJ187H, S550CM-CJ038H, S56CB-XO453H, R550CA, S56CA-WH31, P46C, S46C Series, S550X3217CM-SL, R550CM, K56CA Series, K46CA-WX014, S56CA-XX030R, A56CM Series, A56CB Series, U48CB, S56C Series, A46SV-WX039D, S56CM-XX072V, A46CM-WX085V, K46CM-WX002D, K56C Series, A56CA Series, K46CA-WX015, U48CM, V550CM, A56C Series, S46E, S46CA-WX016, R405CB, K56LM2H, S46CA Series, S56CA Series, R405V, S56CA-XX011D, S56CA-XX019D, S405CM-WX117H, S505CM-XX189P, R505CB, S46CM Series, U58CB, P55VA, S46C Ultrabook, K56CM-XX055D, K56CM-XX055, K56CM-XX014D, E46CA, U58C, K46V, A46CM-WX095D, K56CM-XX014, S550CA-DS51T, A56CB, E46CB, A46CA-WX043D, E46CM, K56CM-XX008, A56V, 505CM-XX189P, S40CA, R505CA, vivobook s550c, R405C, S550 SERIES, R405CA, S46CB, S40CM, K46CA-WX013, A56E, S56 Series, K46 SERIES, U48CA, S505CA, U48C, S46 Series, K56CB, A46SV, U58CM, R505C, U58CA, V550C, S405CM, S505C, A56CM, A56 Series, S550CM, S550CB, V550CA, S505CM, S405C, A46CM, A46 Series, A56CA, S550C, A56C, K46CB, K56 Series, vivobook s550, E46C, A46CA, S405CA, K56V, S550CA, K46C, A46C, U58, K56CM, K46CA, R405, K56C, K46CM, S40C, S505, K56CA, U48, R505, S405, R550, S56, K56, A56, A46, E46, V550, S40

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